Electric Powered Wastewater Evaporators

The most robust industrial grade electric wastewater evaporator for low volume applications.

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The E4's heating element is elevated off the tank bottom which creates a cool zone for solids to settle. This enables efficient thermal transfer into the wastewater without solids impingement. The unique immersed design ensures high efficiency and longevity when compared other evaporators within the same volume range. Construction features include:

  • Tank - 316L stainless steel, also available chloride resistant AL6XN..
  • High performance insulation
  • Outer protective skin - 304 stainless steel
  • Immersion heaters - Incoloy electric
  • Sediment accumulation zone - below heaters
  • 2 NPT sediment drain
  • Stainless steel electrical control box - encases automatic safety shut off controls

What to consider with other designs
Other designs, such as bottom heated evaporators, use strip heaters fastened to the tank underside where more than half of the heat energy is inefficiently radiated away from the wastewater. Precipitating wastewater solids also settle to the evaporator bottom further reducing heat transfer. Over time this shortens strip heater life as solids build up and insulate the tank bottom. This condition causes warping and hot spots on the tank bottom, which causes premature tank failure.

The innovative design features of our wastewater evaporators inlcude:

  • Reliable operation and long product life
  • High quality, quiet running aluminum exhaust blower
  • Liquid level sensors
  • 1 inch NPT female inlet
  • Oil drain off
  • Water tight electrical control switches and pilot lights

For more information on product specifications or the surface combustion technology that makes our evaporators unique, contact one of our sales engineers today.

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