Fortner Engineering & Mfg is a world class refurbisher of aircraft mechanical parts.

Located in Glendale CA, Fortner repairs over 400 different Lap and Servo Assemblies, and over 450 different Control Valve and Cylinder Assemblies.
They pride themselves in a thorough inspection, rebuild and test of their client’s parts.

Much of what Fortner does requires cleaning of the used parts. Their cleaning process produces an oily and greasy wastewater. Rather than pay the high cost of disposal through a waste hauler, Fortner greatly reduces their wastewater through evaporation.

The oily greasy water is dumped into a four gallon per hour evaporator manufactured by Wastewater Evaporators of Bellingham, MA. The model E4 concentrates the waste by removing up to 98% of the water and leaving the oils and greases behind. After concentration the waste is drained from the E 4 tank and drummed for disposal.
One of the qualities Fortner liked about the E4 was its small size. Its small footprint allowed Fortner to utilize more shop space for their business.

Additional to the unit’s small size, it is equipped with an elevated electric heating coil. The elevation of the coil up off the bottom of the tank allows for solids to settle below the thermal transfer surface. This design prevents solids from insulating the heat from the wastewater. If insulation was to occur the energy required to heat the wastewater to boiling would increase, thus resulting in higher operating costs.

The evaporator application of oily, greasy wastewater is not limited to rebuilding of aircraft parts. The application can be applied to many other industries. The E4 provided a great solution for Fortner Engineering’s waste disposal and will contribute to their business for years to come.

Specializing in evaporation and wastewater evaporators
for all water disposal requirements

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