Dolan Industries located in Clinton MA, specializes in cold forming parts and custom connecting devices with special configurations for the communications, electronics and Hi Tech industries.

Dolan’s' proficiency in cold forming is the result of twenty-five years of tool design, innovative engineering and development of cold forming techniques.

Over the years, Dolan has progressively added to its capabilities by adding a diverse inventory of metal forming equipment.

Because of the diversity in equipment Dolan’s wastes generated are equally as diverse. The wastes include machine tool coolants, parts washer water, floor scrubber water and many others.

To address the wastes and save in disposal costs Dolan purchased a G10 evaporator from Wastewater Evaporators of Bellingham MA. The G10 will evaporate 10 gallons of water per hour leaving a concentrated residue for disposal.

Part of why the G10 works well in evaporating Dolan’s wastes is that it is designed to handle the unpredictability of the different streams.

One day the evaporator may be concentrating coolants the other it may be concentrating mop water or parts washer wastes or a combination of all of the streams.

The G10 is equipped to address floating oils settling solids and debris without problems or shortening its life span.

This is due to the unique burner/heat exchanger design utilized by Wastewater Evaporators surface combustion technology (SCT). SCT prevents hot spots from forming on the heat exchange surface thus avoiding heat exchanger metal fatigue. Other heat exchanger designs can cause premature heat exchanger failure when evaporating problematic waste streams.

There is no doubt, that Dolan will continue to meet the needs of their clients through their diverse equipment inventory. Equally important will be the continued performance from the G10 in handling their varying waste streams.

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