Since the late 1880s, Bliss Manufacturing has crafted some of the finest religious mementoes for their clients. The company has grown from its humble beginnings at the Bliss family dinner table to its current 25,000 sq ft facility in Pawtucket RI.

Bliss Manufacturing is known for its high quality products and family tradition. Much of the ornamental jewelry that Bliss makes requires plating of precious metals.

The plating lines produce rinse water that is processed via a traditional industrial wastewater treatment system prior to discharge to the city sewer.

The system is comprised of pH adjustment to drop the dissolved metals and a filter press to remove the metal sludge.

Often times the system is not capable of keeping up with the process rinse water. This creates problems in storage and could slow manufacturing. Bliss was often faced with more wastewater than they could handle.

In an effort to have another alternative, Bliss purchased an E4 four gallon per hour evaporator from Wastewater Evaporators in Bellingham, MA.

Due to the anticipated high chlorides in the rinse water, the evaporator tank and internal components were manufactured from a chloride resistant alloy AL6XN. The AL6XN Alloy has been formulated to resist corrosion from chlorides at high temperatures.

The most typical form of corrosion to stainless steels from high concentrations of chlorides is known as stress corrosion cracking, (SCC). SCC happens at stress points in the steel like welds and bends. The pictures to the left show the microscopic effects of SCC.

An evaporator applied to a high chloride waste stream will show signs of corrosion in the form of pin holes that result in the tank leaking.

Because of the corrosion protection built into the E4, Bliss will utilize the evaporator for generations to come.

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